Meet Our Staff

Committed to Instilling Faith into All Congregants
Our Waldheim UMC staff exists to serve God, you, and the church.  We love what we do, and we want to help you in your efforts to be involved in our faith community and to grow in Christ.  Please feel free to contact us using our email address listed in our biography.

Reverend John Chetta


John began serving Waldheim in July of 2020. 

He came to us from Fisher United Methodist  (Franklinton, LA)

and Mt Hermon United Methodist (Mt Hermon, LA)

where he served as pastor.

John loves the Lord with all his heart and has been called

to make disciples for Jesus Christ. It is his goal

through preaching the Gospel to illuminate the path

of righteousness before the children of God.

That wasn’t always his story though.

It was God’s love and grace that rescued him from

the life choices he made as a younger man, and it was

God that set him on the path he walks today.


It was those life experiences coupled with his openness

with others, that helps to make John relatable to people

of all ages, no matter how far off the track they have been,

or if they never left the track at all.


His passion for theology and apologetics, and love for

his Creator has led him to this place, and now nothing else

seems right that isn’t in the service of God.

John is an experienced educator and has worked in leadership

positions much of his career. He brings with him a wealth

of knowledge, life experiences, in addition to other

wonderful talents.


He is married to his wife Robyn, 

and father to his young son, Andrew.

They currently live in Covington, Louisiana.