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Waldheim United Methodist Church

77067 Highway 21, Covington, Louisiana 70435   

(985) 893-0609

Saturday Contemporary Worship 6:00pm

Sunday Traditional Worship 10:00a.m

Worship Hours

Saturday Contemporary Worship: 6:00pm

Sunday Traditional Worship: 10:00am

      Come Worship with Us! 


At Waldheim United Methodist Church, our doors are open to every soul seeking to welcome Jesus Christ into their hearts.  We foster a community where we teach individuals to show their love for The Lord and for one another through worship and community service.  Members of our church build relationships with our family through community groups, volunteer activities, worship services or learning.

We offer services each week, one contemporary and  one traditional to meet the needs of our growing community.  We seek to provide and create a space to meet with God and be transformed by God’s presence, power, and love.

Our Contemporary service is filled with contemporary Christian music, prayer, and listening to the proclamation of God’s Word.

Our Traditional service is filled with well-loved hymns of the faith, reciting Church liturgy and creeds as a community, sharing joys and concerns, praying, baptizing infants and new believers, reading Scripture, 

and listening to the proclamation of God’s Word.


Communion is served on the first Saturday and Sunday of every month.


Come in and join our community.  All are welcome and invited to participate fully in the life of this community of faith and love.  We hope your worship experience will be filled with great joy, peace, and love.

About Our United Methodist Church

Committed to Spiritual Enlightenment

Year Dedicated: 1875

Services might have begun at Waldheim as early as 1860 in an old log church, though

records are lacking.  It is known that a new church was built and dedicated in 1875.

The church was 41 by 25 feet and had a steeple with a bell. J. B. A. Ahrens wrote that

he had "opened a new field" and had a society of 22 members.

The congregation was a part of the German Mission Conference. It was called

Boniface Church, after the apostle of the Germans. Through the years, it has also

been called St. Tammany Mission, Camp Ground, Talisheek, German Settlement,

and now, Waldheim.

On August 29, 1884, John J. Ryan sold 40 acres, which encompassed the church

property to the M. E. Church, South, German Mission Conference of Texas

and Louisiana.


In 1887, a "tabernacle" (shed) of 40 by 60 feet was built for the Camp Ground.

It had a dirt floor covered with pine needles. Fires were lit on several stands

around the shed to provide light at night. In the early 1930's, an addition was built

onto the back of the church, and a Fellowship Hall was added in the mid 1950's.


Various improvements have been made over the years, such as a new organ 

(1952 & 1967), air conditioning (1971, though the units were stolen the following year), and furnaces (1974).  It is thought that a parsonage was built about

the same time as Boniface Church. 

Source: The First Century, 1875-1975: Waldheim UMC